Ballroom dancing is a smooth and elegant form of dance which needs proper synchronisation of the body movements. You can only get a ballroom dance correct if you have the right hip movements. The hip movements of the paired dancers bring about grace in the dance. Hence, if one of the participants gets it wrong, the whole dance will get spoiled.

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Why do hip movements play a significant role in ballroom dancing?

Importance of posture in Ballroom dancing

Body postures are affected by the gravity pull. The secret of an excellent body pasture begins with the hips. The lower part of the body from down the hips is generally heavy on the floor. Hence, the instructors ask the dancers to maintain their body weight and posture during the ballroom dance. A good ballroom dancer will permanently settle the body weight on the legs, not the hips. This helps them to maintain an elegant posture throughout the dance.

 A bad knee and an unbalanced hips can get you off the track and make you fail on the dance floor. Hence, keeping the knees unlocked is always advisable so you keep your balance during the dance.

 Keeping a balance on the legs during dance moves is like draping a piece of cloth or coat on a hanger. If your weight is low, managing the same on your legs is easier to keep balanced.

 Importance of hips in ballroom dancing

Many think that hips only play an essential role in Latin dance forms. However, hip movement is vital in other smooth dance forms, like ballroom dancing. Professional dancers counterbalance their energy and power on the legs to get correct hip movements throughout the dance form.

 Even before the track starts, the hip must be involved, and the swing begins. For professionals engaged in ballroom dancing, continuous hip movement through cycling, running, or athletic practices must be carried on to avoid slouching.

 Slouching and sitting for a long time can affect the spine and the dancer’s hip movement. Hence, even if they are not practising, they must be active to maintain their body posture.

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