Social nights & sequence events

in Wakefield and Kirklees

We organise dance events with DJ and refreshments in Mirfield and Kirklees. You’re invited to join us and make our events successful.

Showcase your talent to the world

Every month, we organise dance events which involve ballroom, Latin and sequence dancing. We also organise special events like New Year parties, fundraisers and more.

Events are golden opportunities for our students to showcase their talent to the world. So, get in touch to find out more or enroll on our dance classes today.

Our next dances

Social Dance Nights at:

Horbury Methodist Church Hall

WF14 5LE

Learn Easy Sequence from 6:30pm till 7:30PM, dates are as follows:

Friday 14th October – Emmerdale Waltz

Friday 11th November – Sally Ann ChaCha

Friday 9th December – Review of past dances

Social Dance Nights at:

Horbury Methodist Church Hall

WF14 5LE

Full Dance Sequence from 7:30pm till 10:30PM, dates are as follows:

Friday 14 October

Friday 11th November

Friday 9th December

(Christmas dance on the 9th of December, shared food table please bring food


Please note all prices for both Easy sequence and Full Dance Sequence are £7:50 Per person

Please bring your own drinks and nibbles!

Christmas party dance 17th December
Limited numbers, Book your place now.

Organised trips

We also offer a number of different organised trips with our most popular being Blackpool. Please speak to Mel and Chris for more information about future events.

To be noted

If you wish to have drinks during any event, you can bring on your own; we can provide you with glasses. You can also bring food at times when food is not provided.

If you have any queries, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you!

To learn more about our upcoming events in Wakefield and Mirfield, call Absolute Ballroom on

07946 102 756