Ballroom dance classes

in Wakefield and Mirfield

Master your ballroom dancing skills. Enroll in our ballroom dance classes today!

Classes for everyone

We have dancing classes for everyone, from a 16-year old to a 90-year old. We have both ballroom and Latin dance classes that range from beginner level to advanced level. Students can attend the classes alone or as a couple, where the size of the classes varies depending on the style and the level of dance. We conduct our classes in 3 different locations in the Yorkshire area. We believe dancing is a great way to socialise and to discover like-minded people around us. So, why not come enroll with us today?

One-to-one tuition

At Absolute Ballroom, we offer one-to-one tuition with 2 tutors for students in Wakefield and Mirfield. We offer tuition from beginner to advanced level.
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Wedding dance tuition

Do you want to shake a leg a your wedding? Come to us for wedding dance lessons. We can help you dance to the music of your choice with simple choreography. Each couple will require 3 lessons for at least 3 months before the wedding, costing £40 per lesson.

Best Dance Teachers!

I’ve been learning to dance for a year now and Chris and Mel make it fun and easy to learn, they teach a range of dances from Ballroom to Latin, it is the best thing I decided to try because I couldn’t do any kind of dance before and now I love dancing a Waltz. I would highly recommend giving it a go and see how good it is.
BlueRadiator37 – 4th Jan 2018

Our classes

We take all forms of classes in the area, and at different locations.

Please note all classes are £7.50 each. Practice sessions are £5 each.

All classes and sessions are one hour long.

Please note booking is essential.

Private lessons are available.

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