Cha samba

in Wakefield and Mirfield

Dance exercise classes

Dance Exercise

Cha samba
Dance exercise classes
What is cha samba?

Do you want to dance ?

No partner?

Do you want to exercise?

Well welcome to cha samba
This is a mixture of exercise and dance
We run nice easy classes in a relaxing atmosphere
Classes run every week
Monday 5.15 till 6.15 pm
Thursdays 2 pm till 3 pm
Hour long sessions

Where ?
At Horbury Methodist church hall
Wf4 5LE

How much ?
Only £5 a session

What dances do you do ?
We dance cha cha , samba, jive, waltz, salsa, paso etc

What do I wear?
Soft shoes or trainers

How do I join ?

If you want to come and join our fun, just pop down before we start the classes or contact me

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