Latin American dances combine ballroom and club dances that started gaining popularity in the 19th century. The mixture of sultry, sensuous steps that build a strong connection between the dancing partners is the major USP of every Latin dance. Once you learn this style, you’ll be engrossed in the spicy steps of this dancing style. It is considered one of European culture’s most visually attractive dance forms.

However, for a novice planning to learn Latin dance, the decision can get serious if they are not aware of the different types of Latin dancing available worldwide. Before enrolling on Latin dance classes in Leeds, read on and learn more about the types of Latin dancing styles. 

What are the different types of Latin dancing styles?


When you speak of Latin dances, salsa is the name that comes to mind. Originating from Cuba, salsa involves elegant movements of hips with detailed footwork. While learning salsa, you get to learn more than dance. You need to pick up the latin american culture and music to make your salsa steps look effortless. It’s a lively dancing style that will make your whole body float along with the rhythm. 

Paso Doble

It is a type of ballroom dancing originating in the 16th century in France. Unlike salsa, this style involves a lot of dramatic movements and revolves around Portuguese bullfight sequences. If you want to participate in international dance competitions, Paso Doble can help you stand out.


One of the easiest Latin dancing styles, bachata has slower rhythms compared to salsa. Bachata has a few twists and turns and is a perfect style for beginners. This is the best dancing style to express your love, emotions, happiness and joy. 

Cha Cha

Originating in Cuba, Chacha is an energetic and playful form of laying dancing style. So if you’re an enthusiastic dancer, Chacha is your best option. This dancing style involves light and bouncy steps with upbeat music tracks. If you enjoy dance, then cha cha is the most suited dancing style for you. 


Like bachata, rumba is a slow and sultry dance with romantic elements. This dance form originated in Cuba and is performed with slow, measured steps. However, you will encounter African culture in some of the steps of this dance style. 

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