Are you a trained salsa dancer? Then setting the dancer’s floor on fire is certainly your kind of thing. Seeing different people making different moves on the dance floor might be interesting. But as a salsa dancer, if you want to make heads turn, you must remember a few tricks and tips of the dance form. Enrolling in reputed Latin dance classes in Leeds can be helpful for beginners interested in Latin dance forms. 

Follow these dancing tips to be the centre of attraction at every party. 

How do you make a mark as a salsa dancer? Know the good moves

Maintain the posture 

Salsa is about grooving your body to soothing and charming Latin-American tunes. So, maintain the posture. It would help if you synchronised your body movements throughout the dance. Make sure that your shoulders are not slumped, as it will make your posture look unappealing. Lifted torso, grounded knees and open chest – maintain this to keep all the eyes on you. 

Create a connection with a partner

Salsa is a couple dance. To set the stage on fire, instantly connect with your partner. Retain the romance throughout the dance. This will entertain the audience. Make musical conversations with your partner. Use smiling expressions and warm gestures to make the other person comfortable. 

Experiment with moves

Salsa will give you a large option of moves you can explore. Refrain from settling for the conventional ones. Make adjustments to the musical piece and try experimenting on the floor. The more creative you get, your dance form will be more attractive. Use the whole stage while you glide through the dance piece. 

Head and arms position

As a trained salsa dancer, your head should always be held up. Make sure you have a clear focus and a clear vision of the whole dance floor. Make sure you head spot the turns and twists easily. Also, the arms should be flexible and not rigid. Like a soothing river, a salsa dancer’s free flow of the arms is required to make the piece intriguing and attractive to the audience.